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Joel Conteras is a loving father, husband, realtor, photographer & designer in Phoenix, Arizona.

I started designing properties in 2006 to help make Phoenix a better city. Starting out I loved the thrill of the hunt in finding cool properties to remodel that nobody else seemed to see the potential in. In 2015 I came to realize that I could help make more of an impact on this city by helping others bring to life their dream home as so many seem to have a crush on Modernism but don’t exactly know how to go about getting the look for their spending budget. I always felt that architecture was intimidating for most people because of the prior design protocol in Phoenix that was generally $250-500 per foot making Modern design an unrealistic illusion. And I felt the need to bring as an option the $50 a foot remodels and $130-185 per foot new construction projects to life.

I learned this business first as a Realtor and next as a Developer so my focus is on designing around a justifiable budget and not designing something out of scale for it’s neighborhood. Going over budget a few times in my own life has taught me to try to design it right up front.

"I started designing properties in 2006 to help make Phoenix a better city..."

A secondary goal of mine was to steer away from the limitations of standard desert modern new construction or mid century remodel design in Phoenix as the only options. I have put an emphasis on remodeling under-utilized Historic homes with bringing modern interiors and usually exposing the construction methods and textures of the home when it was built and or bringing Modern additions to these smaller historic homes. I am super passionate about design and in helping the right people achieve their dream.


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